About Us

What is Natural Art?

Natural Art is a company that provides both fresh flowers and flower reproductions, as well as high-quality vases, decors, foliage, trees, and centerpieces. Whether for homes, personal occasions, grand celebrations, seasonal decoration, or corporate offices, its team of stylists and florists make it a point to provide quality materials and add a keen sense of style to everything they pursue. Coupled with the brand’s supply of flowers from around the world, Natural Art is in a position to create striking, dynamic designs that bring themes and ideas to life.

Natural Art is the trade name of Golden Seasons's Corporation

Company History

Natural Art’s story began in Rothenburg, Germany’s famed Christmas city, and it was where Tess and Johnson Tan came up with an idea. Tess had always been an avid decorator, and her home was always among the most well styled every Christmas. It was a natural talent for her, and it was this passion that led the couple to believe that there was a market for Christmas decorations back home.

In 1997, while at a trade fair in another country with Johnson, Tess decided to bring in Christmas decorations. The couple began selling them in their hardware store, Han’s Infinite Tools, located at Shangri-La Plaza in Ortigas. Years later, the couple set up a showroom at their main office in Tayuman, stocking lights, trees, and decors. More than anything, Tess believed in quality, and their wares soon drew the attention of television shows such as Unang Hirit and Umagang Kay Ganda, which held a feature on their showroom each year.

In 2002, Tess and Johnson found an opportunity to expand their business, and this new venture began with flower reproductions. In addition, they also incorporated well known vases, home decors, and other such items into the mix. And so the Tans decided to set up a company to bring all of these to the country. They called their company Natural Art—because that was what they believed these flowers represented.

Today, nearly two decades from when it was founded, Natural Art has become one of the most well known suppliers of both natural flowers and flower reproductions. It has also become a fixture on television shows, lifestyle magazines, weddings, and events. The company has become one of the prominent names in the fields of styling, fresh flowers and flower reproductions.

Aside from its main showroom in Tayuman and its boutique in Festival Mall, it has also set up shops in Trinoma, and Mall of Asia. Now, Natural Art has a supply chain across the entire country—spanning Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao—through leading department stores, retail stores, as well as home and lifestyle outlets. It has also been called on to decorate the offices of some of the most prominent companies in the country, as well as government offices and public landmarks.


From everyday floral fixtures to intimate personal occasions to large corporate functions and wholesale supply, Natural Art’s services span the entire spectrum of styling needs. Natural Art is dedicated to providing value for its clients, creating the best output for every price range without having to sacrifice quality.

Natural Art deals in both flower reproductions and fresh flowers, as well high-quality vases, decors,  foliage, trees, and centerpieces. 

Natural Art’s flower reproductions come in a wide range of handpicked designs. From roses to tulips, carnations to foliage, our selection represents the fleeting beauty of nature, but given an enduring, timeless quality. 

Our fresh flowers are grown locally or flown in from across the world, personally selected by our staff and rank among the finest in the country.  

Inventive themes, grand structures, colorful vignettes—venue design and styling make up a good deal of our work. Natural Art is committed to helping clients create spaces that represent their ideas. Our designs have been featured in wedding and lifestyle magazines and across other media platforms.   

For larger spaces, Natural Art can create breathtaking landscapes that transport people to a place of lush greenery, whether in their homes or their office buildings. Our company’s background in hardware supply allows us to use updated construction techniques, ensuring the quality and longevity of our designs. This service is only available for flower reproductions.

Flowers present an opportunity to break up large, bland areas in an office, providing a calming presence or perhaps just a pop of color in an otherwise plain space. These details can make the difference between an office that’s just functional and one that actually inspires. 

Introducing floristry to your home will liven up its mood, and from Natural Art’s vast selection of flowers and decors, nearly any kind of theme, effect, or design is possible. Whether for special occasions or simply for personal use, decorating a home brings out its full potential, making it a place where people can truly enjoy living. 

Decorating for the Christmas season has long been a specialty of ours, even before Natural Art was born, but we are likewise known for our seasonal decoration, such as those for the Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day, Easter, and other occasions. Our vast selection of lights, trees, and decors—as well as our styling—can be found in personal homes and corporate offices across the country. 

Who we've worked with

Throughout the years, Natural Art has worked with a host of well known companies across a number of sectors, providing each one with our services.

The People Behind Natural Art

Tess Tan

Tess has always been a natural in the field of floral design, but travel and experience have since honed her skills to a remarkable level. Tess began her career in the styling industry as a Christmas decorator for personal homes, retail stores, and corporate offices. In 2002, along with her husband—Johnson—she found the opportunity to expand their business. This idea has grown into what Natural Art is now—one of the foremost floral providers and stylists in the industry. 

Johnson Tan

Johnson, alongside Tess, is the man behind Han’s Infinite Tools, one of the most renowned hardware suppliers in the country. When the time came to expand their business, he and Tess decided to found Natural Art. Later on, as the brand grew in prominence, Johnson’s background in hardware proved to be of much use, lending a good deal of construction know-how to Natural Art’s grander designs and installations.

Abigail Tan

As a child, Abigail grew up surrounded by the flower industry, accompanying her mother to trade fairs, buying trips, and expos in Guangzhou. After spending a few years in the corporate world, Abigail joined Natural Art in 2009 to continue Tess’ legacy of floral artistry. Abigail has inherited Tess’ natural talent for styling flowers, finding herself at the front lines of Natural Art’s events and styling division. But aside from this, she also takes after her mother in the way she comes up with her designs—only the best quality and only the keenest sense of style. Having created designs for weddings, corporate events, and private clients, Abigail is fast becoming one of the rising names in the industry.