I love you, Ma

I Love You Ma

Undeniably, the language of flowers has an eloquence that is incomparable with its beauty and symbolism. It engages the senses and instantly brings over a sense of being remembered, appreciated and loved.

While red blossoms have always been associated with passion and romance, white with purity and thoughtfulness, pink flowers represent love, appreciation and gratitude. The sweetness of its color, its youthful nurturing vibe impart a sense of warmth and joy most associated with motherhood.

It becomes more of a challenge being a mother in this time and it only feels more apt to cherish the things that she does out of love for the family and the unique inherent strength she gives .

Send her your sweet sentiments with a bundle of beautiful floral bouquet from our Precious Moments Collection and make her feel the most special woman in the world on Mother’s day and every day of the year.


Irish is a young mother to a beautiful 2 year old daughter Kea. She works as a corporate planner for a huge corporation, currently working from home due to the pandemic. And while these may pose a lot of challenges, she enjoys having more time to be physically present with her growing daughter and supportive husband.  Images were taken lovingly by her talented hubby | Jayson Jacinto  See more of his works at 500px

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