Glenfiddich Grand Launch

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What a great way to do a Grand Launch for Glenfiddich than to have the entire space graced with Midas’ touch.  Long, elegant golden tables. Shimmering table runners. Ornate, gilded chargers. Black and Gold. A classic, bold and opulent combination, fitting for the global brand. Golden Candle holders in varying heights to create scale and visual poetry. Metallic elements, softened by the contrast of soft white blooms. Event | Glenfiddich Grand Launch | Location East Ocean Palace | Team Natural … Continue reading “Glenfiddich Grand Launch”

I love you, Ma

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Undeniably, the language of flowers has an eloquence that is incomparable with its beauty and symbolism. It engages the senses and instantly brings over a sense of being remembered, appreciated and loved. While red blossoms have always been associated with passion and romance, white with purity and thoughtfulness, pink flowers represent love, appreciation and gratitude. The sweetness of its color, its youthful nurturing vibe impart a sense of warmth and joy most associated with motherhood. It becomes more of a … Continue reading “I love you, Ma”

Customized Creations by Natural Art

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What could be a more thoughtful and romantic of a gesture than to gift your wife with the recreation of her bridal bouquet? It’s not an easy feat, but it was something Michael Rebong was set out to do for his beautiful wife Jillia. We love a creative challenge. So when Mike reached out to us with a photo of the original bouquet, we set out our eyes out on how to procure these special blooms and fillers, figuring out … Continue reading “Customized Creations by Natural Art”